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    Message from the Managing Director, Jim Thomas

    A change of leadership heralds in 2017 here at Rokon. One of our founding directors, Ali Sekman, has chosen to move on to new initiatives and we wish him all the best for his future endeavours.  It has been a pleasure to work with Ali for almost 20 years, and he has been instrumental in forming Rokon into the business we know today.

    Steve Traicevski continues with me as Director and General Manager, and we are excited about what the future holds in this new Rokon era.  As always, we are focused on working hard to deliver our clients projects to the highest standard.

    We are also pleased to welcome all our new starters to the Rokon team, and moving forward together, we will continue with improvements to our processes and IT systems, remaining relevant and competitive in the civil construction industry.

    We look forward to working with you to deliver your civil projects.

    Best Regards,

    Jim Thomas

    • Jim Thomas
      Our Managing Director, Jim Thomas, began his career as a Surveyor and has built up nearly three decades experience in the industry.  Jim leads our Management team, which includes construction and project management, engineering, tendering and business development services.  We are focussed on building client relationships, planning all of our projects and supporting our external operations to never lose sight of the quality required for your end product.
    • Steve Traicevski
      Our Director of Business Services, Steve Traicevski, is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Australia (FIEAust), a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Board Member of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF).  He leads our Business Services team, which includes the Finance, Information and Communication Technology, Human Resources and Administration functions.  We can ensure that the delivery of your project is supported by clear communication, efficient internal processes and the right support of our people.
    Why choose us?
    We Partner With You

    At Rokon we know that the relationships we form with you, our clients are fundamental to the success of your projects.  By adopting your vision of the project, we can partner with you for every step, ensuring the delivered project encapsulates your desired outcomes.

    We Can Deliver

    Rokon will resource plant and equipment as required to deliver your project on time and on budget and have at our disposal a growing company fleet.  We have the dedicated people to turn your vision into a project outcome of quality that will stand the test of time.

    We Have The Experience

    We know that civil projects can be challenging, and we know that overcoming challenges is essential to keeping projects moving forward.  With our years of broad experience and the commitment of our people, you can trust us to deliver.

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